Mike Viola at a Rainy Joe's Pub 

Mike Viola - American Egypt (Good Morning Monkey Records, GMMR-009, 2018 USA) What an album, what a show, what a performer. 60 minutes of Mike Viola was not enough: here is a songwriter/musician and guitarist that you’ll want to shout about from the rooftops. A total pro. This weekend’s gig at Joe’s Pub was a major success, and meeting him - with my beautiful wife - was even better. Tongue tied, of course, but glad to share a few moments and words. Can you find “American Egypt” on vinyl? Search it out and enjoy.

Dylan in the Supermarket 

Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits (Columbia ‎– KCS 9463, 1967 🇺🇸) 

I had forgotten about my 1aa pressing of this album. I’m not really a fan of Greatest Hits compilations, but I have fond nostalgic memories of the sequencing on this album: it’s the first Dylan album I owned, purchased at a Pathmark on CD in the early 90s; the Nice Price, right? Hard to believe this came out a few months before Sgt. Pepper. 

This two-eye copy happens to be just about what we might call mint condition, and it sounds very good.

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The Great Antonio Carlos Jobim  

Yes, it was Oscars season, and while I never get the chance to really see any of the movies that are nominated, this time of year always gives me an opportunity to dust off my soundtrack collection, and see what I've got. While I don't always listen to my soundtracks (guilty of buying many of them for the cover art alone) I am reminded that a good soundtrack album can function as a wonderful "mixtape" of sorts: take Tarantino and Scorsese films, for example. It's as if Marty and Quinten sat cross legged on a floor to find the tracks to perfectly highlight their filmic vision (which, in many cases they may have). 

In any case, watch the video above and listen to the program. Perhaps I showcase some of your favorites, what are they, by the way. 

Happy Oscars watching!